The Beer Commercial

Watch me breakin': A short film by my producer, Mack D. Jones.


Anonymous said...

your website i like. i was looking for 'sao tome' + found you on Google, + i notice that it is very " clean "; that is, you know not to clutter it up with a lot of extraneous, nebulous + stupid graphics, unlike others, with the biggest violators being large conglomerates or big businesses. however the BEER BREAK DANCERS, whatever they are, are NOT necessary. if you have an affinity for beer, then this is really no place to show it, because people ( most of the planet is sober, contrary to popular opinion) will not take you or your chosen profession + thus work, seriously.

the New Yorker had a story on 4 college pals that started the website, + were in the "black" from its inception. made a ton of money on advertising. their audience? college students, airheads that had nothing better to do, than "post a lot of pics and stories about beer" as one of the founders, said. that's not for me. if i am wrong + you are not a big aficianado of beer, i would still question as to why you put this on an otherwise lovely site. what it does, this little peek into the psyche of another, is it raises a flag as to the character
of that person.

let me give you an example. if i had 2 prospective employees + they were so equal as to the employment that i could not make up my mind, as their boss or employer, + i found out that one + only one of them smoked, i would have my decision ~ making process made for me. i'd hire the other, simply because i would have to question the judgment of the one who smoked. people use these nuances as "intelligence" in finding out about others; they file this informatiion away, gather + ascertain, especially in this electronic universe that makes identification of others that much easier. never give any clues away. keep it to yourself.